b'C A L L I NGA L LA R I Z O NA R E S I D E NTS !C A NYOUA F FO R DAC U PO F C O F F E EE AC HW E E KTOH E L P A R I Z O NA ST U D E NTS ?O rme holds a special place in my heart. Special enough that eight years ago I moved my family (including our horses and pets) across the country to come here. Special enough that my husband and I are committed to our two boys, Peyton 22 and Colton 25, receiving an Orme education. Special enough that I pledged my career to help students have the ability to enjoy the same education and experiences that you and your family had.Today, I continue to hold true to my belief in Orme and I ask you to do the same. There is no doubt that the pandemic changed the way that many parents, students, families, educators and the general population look at education. If anything, the pandemic has shown me that there is no substitute for the interactive learning that takes place whilst sitting among a classroom of your peers at a place as special as Orme. Think back to your familys Orme experience - whether you were here as a student, camper, or you sent your child or grandchild here. There is something magical about Orme that transcends what is happening in the world around us. It is a safe haven from pandemics, discontent, and uncertainty in the world.The Orme Primavera Schools Foundation has allowed Orme to be an option for so many families this past year, by helping us award scholarships that have made this education affordable. Thanks to our many, many donors who collectively gave over $180,000 to this foundation. Without you, we could not have possibly shared how special Orme is with many of our current students. Now I need you to help me continue to show the world how special Orme is. There is a large number of Alumni, Camp Alumni, cur-rent and past families, and friends living in Arizona. As long as you are paying Arizona state taxes, you are eligible to give to this fund and it costs you nothing! I understand that you have choices for which STO and charitable organizations that you donate to, and ap-preciate your willingness to spread your impact. That is why this year I am urging each and every person living in Arizona with a con-nection to Orme to consider a minimum gift of $100, or to increase your past gift by $100. That is only $1.92/week. Less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks! If we all join together for this cause, we will have an additional $100,000 in scholarships to give each year. I am in for a cup of coffee, are you? If you have questions about giving, reach out to me anytime! I am happy to meet with you over coffee and help! Call me at 928-632-1564 or email me at jcalmes@ormeschool.org. Thank you for joining me in supporting this special place!Jessica CalmesDirector of Admissions and Alumni Relations Vice President - Orme Primavera Schools Foundation27'