b'FACES OF ORMEL A N D Y D O U G L A S SOrme is home to many varieties of old trees. Part of our responsibility in keeping them all healthy for many years to come is periodically pruning and, in some cases, taking down those trees that are no longer healthy enough to survive on their own. Landy Douglass, Dean of Faculty and former camper, has found a way to re-purpose these trees in a way that honors Ormes past while creating some beautiful art on campus. How did this project come about? Orme) as they grew up together in South Pas-adena/San Marino. They remained lifelong Im not sure it was an epiphany, but it camefriends even attending their 60th High School about during FAF three years ago. I looked atReunion together. I and my siblings were all the artists and also the number of dead trees.campers because of that lifelong friendship. I started doing a little research and foundNielsen was my mothers married name when some local tree carving artists and put togeth- we all attended camp. My sister had her son er a presentation for Kris and Ross as a fund- Marcus Adams attend the school, where he raising event. I had a discussion with my sistermet and later married Ashley Brumit- they and we decided we could fund the first one.both graduated Orme in 2007. Douglass Then others joined in out of interest and tocomes in when two of my children attended spread the cost. Doug Casson, Dino and Pa- summer camp; I was hired to teach, and mela Cerchie, Todd and Kristin Durow, Christe- Tegan was admitted to the school. These are na Nielsen, and Ross and Casey Sanner allall unique Orme Stories in their own right.contributed to this project, in addition to our family.What do you hope the future projects will do?Why was it important to you? What did itThere are several things to accomplish: ex-mean to you? pand art and creativity as an experience at Orme, take advantage of some really terrific I remember Mimi Orme advocating for moretrees that have died (repurpose and sustain-art on campus along with FAF.Art was veryment - some of which Mimi planted), raise ad-important to the Ormes and the developmentditional funds, and provide investors an out-of the school. In addition to the art piece, it al- let for their creativity and involvement in the lows my family and the other contributors toschool. Id love to see a little competition break be an almost permanent contribution to theout among the alumni. There are some mas-school that can be seen by generations tosive trees, only limited by imagination.come. The books and owl were a collaboration with the artist Barry Frank. It was my idea for aWho built it? Any special instructions to care stack of Orme Stories outside the library, andfor it? Barry added the owl.Barry Frank is the Artist. His company is What names are on it that are connected toChainsaw Creations. We stained the tree for you and what was their Orme connection? preservation. The life of the tree will last gen-erations, long after the contributors are gone.Garland was my mothers maiden name. Her Orme story began with Mimi Royce (later Want to leave your mark on an Orme tree? For more information on how you can be a part of this amazing project, contact give@ormeschool.org.22'