b'tight-knit family and we had to adjust. Ithe fall as a boarding student again! the year. An alumni favorite, the Chores missed Sydney terribly, but we spokeOne of the main successes of theprogram, continued in full swing last nearly every day. My husband and Iyear was the ability to still keep many ofyear as well. Headed by Donovan Kilby, learned to trust Sydney, and Sydneythe traditions that make Orme unique ineach day students were assigned to var-learned how to be inde- ious areas of campus to pendent and work hard. assist with jobs for the Boarding school life isbetterment of the com-very different from daymunity at large. Some ex-student life. So much ofamples included assist-the impactful events ating in weeding the boarding schools happengardens, helping care for outside of the class- the horses, and cleaning room, says Director ofup Founders Hall after Admissions Jessicameals. Not only do stu-Calmes. Like Sydneysdents look forward to mom explained, learningchores periods (with min-independence, even justimal grumbling), but among the little thingssome even request their such as cleaning yourfavorite areas such as the own room, doing yourgarden and Up Top. own laundry, self-regulat- Some of the other ing your own time tocommunity events which complete homework, arecontinued throughout the some of the most im- year included the annual pactful lessons that stu- Candlelight Ceremony in dents can learn. Not tothe Chapel, Thanksgiving mention the fun thingsDinner in Founders Hall, that happen - weekendSpirit Weeks, and Prom, activities such as pick-upwhich was held under a games of basketball andtent on the Miller-Barrick ultimate frisbee, ridingField. horses and hiking, orSeniors enjoyed the even just spending a qui- many traditional events et Friday watching mov- that the end of the year ies and bonding with yourbrought such as Senior friends all play a part inSkip Day (which was developing the characterspent at the pool), Ladies of our students. SydneyTea, Mens Grill, and a took full advantage of thespecial Senior Dinner boarding aspect of hisserved by Orme President education. He learned toKristin Durow. ride horses and has be- Looking forward to come a fixture Up Top,this school year, we are even learning how tohopeful for a return to swing a rope! Sydneymore normal circum-stated that, Learningstances. With all faculty how to ride a horse wasvaccinated and the ma-definitely the highlight ofSydneyjority of our students vac-my year. It was hard be- Halliday 24 caringcinated, we cannot wait ing away from home.for his horse. to have the opportunity to There were times during theplace. A little later in this publica- be back playing sports on and off-cam-second semester especially that Ition, you will read more about Caravanpus, enjoying area hikes and cultural ac-got a little homesick, but all in all it wasand Fine Arts Festival, which are alwaystivities and, most of all, seeing each oth-a great year and I cant wait to return instudent and faculty favorites throughouters smiles without masks!21'