b'that her home country of Brazil was amidst a pandemic outbreak and travel restrictions made her attendance on campus impossible. Being online and applying to college was definitely very challenging, Marina explained. Al-though I was fortunate to not have a large time zone difference, my teachers were very supportive of me and spent a lot of time outside of class on Zoom helping me.As the second semester drew closer, Marina knew that she wanted to try to return to campus for in-person learning, even if it meant finding creative ways to overcome the travel restrictions still in place. My family was very supportive and agreed to allow me to travel to an-other country (Mexico) to complete a mandatory 14-day quarantine that would make it possible for me toMarina enter the United States and re- Ananias 21turn to Orme. Marina went on to explain, On New Years Eve, I board-ed a flight from Brazil to Mexico to be-gin my quarantine before ultimately ar-riving in Arizona for the beginning of the second semester. In hindsight, I cannotI CANNOT IMAGINE NOT RETURNING, imagine not returning, even though the journey was difficult. I became closer toEVEN THOUGH THE JOURNEY WAS my friends, was able to improve myDIFFICULT. I BECAME CLOSER TO MY grades, and got to participate in Fine Arts Festival, Caravan, and Graduation. IFRIENDS, WAS ABLE TO IMPROVE MY would not have missed these for the world! GRADES, AND GOT TO PARTICIPATE IN As with Marina, students around the world will remember the 2020-21 schoolFINE ARTS FESTIVAL, CARAVAN, AND year. Many, many teachers were forced to reinvent their lessons by conductingGRADUATION. I WOULD NOT HAVE them online, while just as many stu-dents struggled with this new reality ofMISSED THESE FOR THE WORLD!learning. At The Orme School, the Rapid Response Team worked tirelesslyMarina Ananias 21throughout the summer devising a plan that would allow students to learn how they do best - in person - while still en- school year was the discontinuation ofney Halliday 24 was one of the day stu-suring that the campus population re- the Day Student Program. After lookingdents who transitioned to boarding for mained healthy.The results speak forat all of the data from the CDC, coupledhis first year at Orme. Sydneys mom, themselves. On May 15, 2021, thewith student data from the last severalKellie, explained how she felt learning school year officially came to a close asyears showing a declining day studentthat Sydney would be staying at Orme Marina and the rest of the Class of 2021population, the Rapid Response Teamfor the year, The biggest thought that walked across Graduation Lawn and re- felt that the transition of day students towent through my mind was how grateful ceived their diplomas.boarders would be safest for the entireI was for this opportunity, but at the Another unique outcome of thiscommunity. Nearby Mayer resident Syd- same time how terrified I felt!We are a 20'