b'FACES OF ORMEDARLENE BROCKERT CORNETTDarlene Brockert Cornett is no stranger to Orme. She and her late husband, former faculty member Brian, raised their son Brennen at Orme, following in the footsteps of Brians parents who raised him at Orme! As the cycle continues for a third generation, Brennen joined Orme as a residential staff member this fall. How did you find Orme?My late husband, Brian, first intro-duced me to Orme in 1985. We had been dating for about a year and a half and I had decided to join the US Navy. I was leaving in January and, despite being born and raised in Ari-zona, had never seen the Grand Can-yon. I had heard Brians wonderful stories about growing up at Orme and he decided to stop and show it to me on our way to the Grand Canyon. My first thoughts were of how peaceful it was at Orme; however, I was a little disappointed as being in winter the trees did not have their leaves and it was not as green as I had hoped. Fast forward to 1993. Bri-an and I reunited again after the tragic loss of my first husband and son. He took me to my first Orme Reunion where the trees were green and beau-tiful, and I fell in love with Orme! Brian and I married in 1995 and our son, Brennen, was born in 1997. Just after Brennens second birth-day, Brian was offered a job teaching at Orme. We ended up living in Brians childhood home with Brennen having his dads childhood bedroom! How did you get into real estate?Brian and I had purchased and re-a new perspective modeled several rental homes that IThen in 2020 COVID hit and BAM, likenew people, and my career gives me in-managed while we were at Orme. At Brians urging, I got my real estate li- everyone else my world stopped!credible opportunities to spend days, cense and the rest is history! Throughout it all, I stayed in contact withweeks, and months with amazing peo-my clients, and the flood gates opened.ple, helping them find their dream home.What have been some of the biggestI am so grateful for my time at Orme, my challenges you have faced during yourWhat advice would you give Orme stu- beautiful son, and my supportive moth-career? dents looking to go into real estate? er. And, after a recent brief marriage to During my careers, I have had a lot ofNever give up! You are going to have upsthe compassionate Mr. Cornett, I am ups and downs. I virtually stopped work- and downs. When you are having theready to take on the next chapter of my ing during the year that Brian was sickups, put money away and save, becauselife. before he passed away. After the loss ofthat will help you make it through theIf you are looking to buy or sell a him, I struggled to get motivated again.downturns in the market. I love meetinghome in the Prescott area, call me! I look forward to helping you!17'