b'T he COVID-19 pandemic has given our campus an unexpected break from the large numbers of campers who typically call Orme home throughout the summer. And while we were certainly sad to not have the opportunity to welcome them, we were excited about the prospect of having the time and space to begin some much-needed campus renova-tions. Orme is blessed to have one of the most uniquely historic campuses in the country. One of the most inspiring aspects of our campus is the amount of sweat equity that the entire community puts into building the many structures here. Whether its the pool, originally hand-dug by students and ranch hands, Club 60 built by the Class of 1960, or the stones laid in our walkways by Frank Dandrea with the help of students, so much of the construction of our campus is married to the stories of the community members who built it. That is why it is so important to our community to take the time to preserve the feel and overall atmosphere of the campus while upgrading it with comforts that parents and students expect today. It is also what makes our donors, who support the reno-vations through their gifts to the Annual Fund, vital. This past summer a complete renovation of Stirrup Dot Dorm was made pos-sible by donations to the Centennial Campaign Capital Improvements Projects. New heating and air conditioning were installed, new bathrooms completed, and new doors hung. The rooms were finished off with new coats of paint, new window treatments, and new furniture. The end result is amazing! Today, Stirrup Dot is completely updated, but retains the same look and feel of the day it was first completed. What a touching tribute to all who built it, and all of the students and campers who called it home throughout the years!These renovations, were done in a way that preserves the history of Orme, are what we envision for all dorms and buildings, as we continue to improve the campus for generations to come. We hope that you, too, will remember your time at Orme with fond-ness and give to support future renovations of the rooms that you stayed in and the campus that you called home. You can learn more about the opportunities to support campus renovations in this issue of the Bulletin. You are also encouraged to reach out and call us anytime at 928-632-7601 or email give@ormeschool.org. We are excited to hear why Ormes campus is special to you, and to discuss ways that you can ensure it will be special for generations to come. 15'