b'T his fall marks The Orme Schools 93rd year of operation! While much has changed in the world since 1929, the guiding principles of Excellence, Tradition, and Character the School was founded on are reinforced in every aspect of a students daily life on the Orme campus. Ormes blending of traditional and expe-riential learning opportunities and activities, coupled with a strong residential program, continue to differentiate our School and Camp from the many other options that par-ents have today. Ormes beautiful oasis of a campus makes for an unrivaled academic and community life experience that our faculty and staff are dedicated to; to lead, educate, and care for another generation.The Centennial Campaign can make the Orme Experience and stories possible for generations to come! Great strides were made over the past few years to improve Ormes financial stability through increased enrollment, high donor participa-tion, and debt eradication. The School is debt free, so the Annual Fund fully supports and ensures that extracurricular activities such as Caravan, Fine Arts Festival, Horsemanship, and Outdoor and Sustainability Education continue to be available to help our students experience the full Mission of Orme. There has never been a better time to invest in Orme than right now to achieve our centennial goals. In addition to those goals, a gift towards the Annual Fund pathway of the campaign will help offset the modest, yet impactful financial setback were feeling this school year due to COVID-19. Recent gifts to the Centennial Campaign have allowed for revitalization of much-needed facility improvements, preserving the ranch heritage of our campus. Last school year we received 100% giving support from our faculty and Board of Trustees; we have no doubt we will achieve the same this year. The Orme Community is vast, and each person is important to us. We welcome the opportuni-ty to speak with you about your Orme Experience and how you can help today for tomorrow. Let the centennial countdown begin with your consideration of an annual, multi-year or estate gift to the Centennial Campaign, so we can ensure this trajectory remains on target to secure The Orme Schools future of providing priceless education in preparation for college and life to students for years to come. On behalf of all of us at The Orme School, thank you for your past gifts to get us to this pivotal juncture, and in advance of continued support so the Orme Experience will be available for the gen-erations that follow. May the Orme stories continue indefinitelythis world needs them! We would cherish the opportunity to speak with you more about how you can be a part of the campaign. Kristin Durow Ross SannerPresident Executive Vice President and COO10 928-632-7601 | give@ormeschool.org'