Students whip up some delicious prickly pear lemonade

Faculty member Kelly Bull is Orme’s Director of Sustainability Studies. She also coaches our student Eco Team and oversees the school’s new student Thrift Store, which is located in Commons.

Kelly stated that, “One of Orme’s sustainability missions is to value our resources and use them wisely. Two weekends ago, students harvested prickly pears from around the school campus, being mindful to only take a fair share of the cactus fruit, and to leave the rest behind for wildlife.

Students carefully avoided the painful spiky hairs, called glochids. And, working together to prepare their harvest, students were then able to triumphantly sip and enjoy the fresh prickly pear lemonade they had made.”

Watch for more sustainability news from Orme this year!

2 comments on “Students whip up some delicious prickly pear lemonade

  1. I’d be interested in seeing the actual recipe for this delicious-looking beverage. Might want to try it myself!

  2. Years back, my senior year, my fellow (and girls) desert survival types partook of some prickly pear slices au naturel, sans spikes, of course.

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