Students help prepare an international potluck dinner

On Wednesday evening, faculty advisors, along with their student advisees, prepared special dishes for Orme’s annual International Potluck Dinner in Founders Hall. It was a perfect opportunity and way for our diverse student body to share a little about their country through food. The campus community shared culinary delights from Vietnam, Italy, France, Spain, China, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Russia and America. Dishes prepared included:

Spring Egg Rolls (Vietnam); Gnoocchi with garlic tomato sauce, and Seashell Noodles with olive oil, pepper and lemon (Italy); Sausage and Pasta Casserole, Ribs, Grilled Honey Teriyaki Kabobs, and Lemon Cookies (America); Crepes (France); Pancakes (Germany); Guacamole and Carne Asada (Mexico); Miso Soup (Japan); Seafood Paella and Spanish Tortilla (Spain); Dong Po Rou (China); and Pelmeni (Russia).

It was a wonderful community feast; an event which students and faculty look forward to each year.

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