Students explore the natural beauty surrounding Orme campus

?With the successful completion of Student Orientation 2016, faculty and students wrapped up the week with day-long outings to explore the natural beauty surrounding the Orme campus. These trips provided opportunities to hike, swim and kayak. It was a great way for students to discover and learn about Orme’s southwest location and all that it has to offer.

Locations visited during those trips were Grasshopper Point, Watson Lake, Lynx Creek Ruins, Highland Nature Center, Up Creek and exploring Orme Ranch land, and the Phoenix Mountain Preserves. One group also traveled to Jerome, Arizona to visit art shops and galleries. It was a terrific day of exploration and fun, and a good bonding experience for new and returning students.

Orientation Trips 2016 - 3On weekends during the school year, students will have additional opportunities to hike, climb, bike, ski, camp out and visit national parks and monuments. Orme also has a weekend mini-Caravan in the fall, and a week-long Caravan each spring.

In addition to outdoor adventure opportunities, students are able to visit art galleries, museums and theaters on weekends, and receive Culture Credits for their participation.

Orientation Trips 2016 - 1?


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