Students celebrate Carnival!

This year’s Carnival celebration at Orme was a very international event. The Saturday evening festivities began with a special dinner in Founders Hall. Traditional foods of Colombia, Mexico, Italy and Ethiopia were served. Dessert featured popsicles from Dominica.

After dinner, students headed to Horsecollar Theater for an international fashion show and music. A fashion show runway with special lighting was built by Orme’s facilities crew, completely transforming Horsecollar for the evening. Orme students modeled traditional clothing from their respective countries. Dances of Nigeria and Ethiopia were performed, along with a Hip Hop dance. During the show, junior Tugkan from Turkey played his country’s national anthem on his electric guitar.

Carnival is an annual event held at The Orme School, and is for the entire student body to participate and enjoy. It’s also a great way for students to share something of their country and culture with the entire school community.


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