See what’s cooking in our Culinary Arts class

Orme’s Culinary Arts class has been busy whipping up some delicious dishes this fall under the instruction of our Director of Food & Sustainability Services Patti Marrs.

Second year Orme student Andrea from Italy took over the reins and guided a recent class session in the skilled way of making two different types of great pasta. Class members made an egg pasta that was shaped on a pasta roller, and then a traditional wheat flour pasta they shaped by hand.

Students also prepared special sauces to accompany their pasta dishes. A red sauce was made using tomatoes and herbs they harvested from the Orme Garden, and the second was a pesto sauce made with basil from the Garden.

Both dishes were a very tasty success, and we look forward to seeing what culinary delights they cook up next!






One comment on “See what’s cooking in our Culinary Arts class

  1. Love this!! And so wonderful when a student and in this case Andrea from Italy can teach the other students. This is true learning and a passion for education that exemplifies the mission of Orme!!!

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