On campus weekend activities

January Duty Weekend - 3After a busy academic week, students have a wide range of special weekend activities from which to choose. This past weekend, in addition to a ski trip to Flagstaff, the following fun activities were held on campus. This is just a sample of what weekends look like at Orme.

On Saturday afternoon, a FIFA tournament was held in Student Commons. Also, a group of students headed Up Top to the Horsemanship area to enjoy the beautiful day while helping take care of and condition riding equipment. 

January Duty Weekend - 2In the evening, Orme’s popular monthly Coffee House was held in the Lou Alfred Room, where students were able to perform or just be a part of the audience.

Sunday was also filled with a lot of great activities. The International Club headed to the Orme Road exit to help clean up the off ramp area leading to the School as part of a community service project. After that, the Club decorated Founders Dining Hall for the Lunar New Year celebration.


January Duty Weekend - 4In Girls Camp Commons and kitchen, female students gathered to do manicures and try their hand at some fancy baking. Later on, Global Belly Laugh Day was celebrated with a matinee showing of the comedy movie “Three Amigos” in Horsecollar Theater.

While students can use the weekend to relax, there are always plenty of on and off campus activities for them to choose. Each weekend’s Duty Team of faculty and staff plan fun and unique offerings for students, so there’s never a dull moment for those who wish to take full advantage of the boarding school experience.


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