Humpty Dumpty Challenge

Students in Jennifer Villalva’s 8th and 9th grade Conceptual Physics class took the Humpty Dumpty Challenge – a classic egg drop experiment where students were required to construct a devise that would protect a raw egg from cracking when

HD - 4

 dropped from an ever-increasing height.

Their devices had to easily fit into one cubic foot of space, and be constructed out of biodegradable materials.

Devices holding the eggs were dropped from 5′ 10″ (the height of the guest bleachers on the football field), and were finally dropped from the top of the press box. Ashlyn and Wanqi both had their eggs survive from the highest drop.

Event spectators included Orme’s AP Chemistry class students, English III class students, and a handful of campus maintenance men helped round out the cheering section.

HD - 6


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