Faculty and students participate in Hunger Banquet

Hunger Banquet 2To raise awareness and open an important dialogue, Orme students and faculty participated in a Hunger Banquet on Wednesday evening, March 4. The meal was scheduled into the day as a teaching and learning moment. Through sharing this event and meal together, we hoped to raise our students’ awareness of hunger in the world.

Entering the dining hall in Advisee groups, each person received a slip of paper indicating in which world population group they would eat. Because the majority of the world population is food challenged, many of our faculty and students had cooked rice and water for dinner. Through personally experiencing an event like this, we all gain a greater understanding of the fact that countless people lack very important basics (like food) in their lives. It also makes each of us much more aware of how truly fortunate we are.

Hunger Banquet 1This Hunger Banquet is one of the many ways in which The Orme School is working to broaden our students’ understanding of poverty through a real life, simulated environment.

I invite you to visit Oxfamamerica.org for more details on Hunger Banquets that are taking place across our country and the world.

Bruce Sanborn
Head of School

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