A Different Path to Success – Orme School

Sports360 Editor Brad Cesmat visited The Orme School this fall. We were very pleased to have Brad and his crew spend time with us on campus. Their visit led to a terrific news piece on the Sports360 website by Nicholas Welter, and we wanted to share it with our website readers as well.

Nicholas wrote, “The Orme School is not just a unique place for students, but also for their athletes.” Orme Athletic Director Austin Hudson was interviewed and shared that the school is proud to have diverse athletic teams made up of students from 20 different countries. Orme currently offers 10 varsity sports.

Hudson also stated, “I think that students choose Orme for a variety of reasons including our high academic expectations, our athletic programs, and the opportunity to prepare for college by being pushed academically and in areas of life-skill development.”

CLICK HERE to read Nicholas Welter’s full article on The Orme School’s athletic program.

Our thanks to both Brad and Nicholas!

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