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Every Gift Matters

For some of you, this might be the first time you’ve been asked to make a tax-deductible gift to Orme. For others, who have given in the past, you may want to know where last year’s funds were spent. To ensure that everyone is up-to-date about past and current fundraising at Orme, we’ve compiled a brief list of Frequently Asked Questions for your reference.

Why does Orme have an Annual Campaign?

Orme takes great pride in maximizing tuition dollars. To this effect, Orme has been able to keep tuition rates at a level that is competitively lower than many other comparable private boarding schools in the country, while still delivering an academically superior program. Tuition dollars only cover about 65 percent of the actual per student cost of an education at Orme. In order to close the difference between tuition dollars and actual cost per student, Orme developed the Annual Campaign.

Why can’t Orme run more like a business? Wouldn’t it be easier to just charge the full cost of the education and avoid having an Annual Campaign?

While Orme employs best business practices, we are also a non-profit organization that answers to those we serve, rather than owners. We take great pride in prioritizing our educational goals to focus on inclusivity, diversity, and excellence. Keeping tuition more affordable allows us to attract a more socio-economically diverse student body and to have a more inclusive admissions process, which in turn creates a richer educational environment for all of our students.

Why does Orme need every Alumni to give a minimum gift?

Orme has a wonderful, but small community. We strive for 100 percent alumni, family, faculty and trustee participation because every gift matters. Participation in this campaign is your way of showing that you are whole-heartedly invested in the school’s mission to educate and inspire life-long learning. Your minimum individual gift of $300 (suggested donation) will ensure that Orme has the funds needed to meet our educational mission. We recognize that for some families a $300 gift will be a financial stretch, while for others a larger gift will be possible.